About the Event


The purpose of the Mountaincraft and Music gathering is simple; to bring a community together and revisit what it means to learn from and with each other again. Our primitive skills gathering is akin to other such gatherings, offering fundamental skills such as friction fire making, stone tools and cordage classes daily.  We will also hold classes on nature awareness, tracking, basket making, gourd craft, edible plants, fermented foods, bowl and spoon carving, traditional bow and arrow making, etc.  Each day will be full of new skills and experiences.  Each evening will feature musical performances and festivities around our central fire circle with a bluegrass jam on Saturday night.  Please bring instruments, songs and stories and be willing to share your talents with the community.

About The MountainCraft Community

At the core of our event’s purpose is providing a place where each of us may fully express themselves, and feel welcome, beautiful, and most importantly, safe.  At MountainCraft all are welcome as we are one human family. Our different ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, professions etc. are what make us better people. This is a  human-friendly event, and inappropriate behavior and/or behavior that makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable may result in your immediate dismissal from the event.  Please keep any adult beverages in cups, avoid glass bottles, and place trash in a trash receptacle. Please remember that our children are watching us and we need to set positive, respectful examples for them.

Cost and Registration

Please complete and return your registration with payment to secure your spot.

The $190 (post early bird price) fee covers your tent site for the weekend, breakfast and lunch, parking, eight three-hour skill sessions and a Saturday night concert.  Children paying the child’s entry will enjoy classes specifically for kids during the skill sessions.  Each instructor will decide the ages appropriate for participation due to safety concerns.  Prices below are for early bird pricing.  Admission cost will go up after August 1st.


Full Admission Admission w/o breakfast and lunch Friday Day Pass Saturday Day Pass Sunday Day Pass
Adult $145 $125 $75 $95 $70
7-12 years $70 $50 $40 $40 $40
0-6 years 0 0 0 0 0

What to Bring

Wind and rainproof shelter
Insulated sleeping pad
Sleeping bag rated for 30 degrees or less
Warm blankets for the evening campfire
Effective rain gear
Weather appropriate clothing
Personal items (toiletry kit, wash cloth, towel, insect repellant, sunscreen, hats)
Food and cooler (dinner meal)
Pots, pans, eating utensils, cup and bowl/plate
Water bottles
Knife or multi tool
Folding camp chair
Flashlight or headlamp
Trade items for Trade Blanket

Camera, notepad and pencils

Optional: extra shoes, bathing suit, snacks, binoculars, camera, musical instruments, games for kids.  Cash for the Community Market.


This is a rain or shine event, so please come ready for inclement weather.  September can be a very hot and muggy month, so come ready for hot days and possibly cool evenings.

Check-in and Parking

Check in will be Wednesday between 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm, and Thursday morning starting at 7:30 am at the North American Bushcraft School.  There will be parking areas designated within walking distance of the campgrounds.   If you must camp with your vehicle, a particular campsite must be designated for you so let us know early!  If it is not absolutely necessary, however, please park your vehicle in the parking lot.  Please note that for safety reasons, parking areas will be locked between 10pm and 6am each night and no vehicle traffic will be allowed in or out.


Tent sites are available both in forested areas, and in successional fields.  Please camp in cleared sites and use designated fire rings only.  A community kitchen and fire will be available for anyone preparing food.  Camp sites will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  Campsites are primitive (no power or water hookups), though there are composting toilets, port-a-potties, trash, compost and recycling stations.  If you need power to charge a phone there will be outlets available at the school office. We have a few RV sites, please call for details


Drinking water will be available throughout the event. Please bring your favorite refillable container.


Hot and cold breakfast and deli style lunch will be provided. Please bring your own plate or bowl, cup or water bottle and eating utensils to the gathering.  Dinner will be on your own, on-site vendors may be present, and there are off-site options as well.

Cooking and Cleaning

There will be a dish cleaning station for your plates and utensils.  If you will be cooking, please plan accordingly and use the community kitchen or camp-style burners.  Hand-washing stations will also be available.


First aid personnel will be available on-site throughout the event.

Program Information

Daily Class Information and sign-up sheets will be posted the night prior.  Thursday will be a day for the intensive study of fire making, fiber arts, and flint-knapping.  These are considered the core primitive skills and so the first day will be a focus on those.


The Ancestor Fire will be lit during the whole event.  The Ancestor Fire is best described as a place for people of all ages to feed the ancestors’ spirits with our stories, songs, ceremony, laughter; a place to sit in councils and meet with our community elders.

Daily Schedule:

Breakfast   7:00 – 8:30am

Morning Circle   8:45am

Morning Workshops 9:30-12:30

Lunch 12:30-2:00

Afternoon Workshops 2:00-5:30

Friday and night will feature a trade blanket.  Details to follow.

Saturday Night will feature a more formal concert.  Music will begin around 7:30.  The stage will be available at other times for open-mic style performers.

Morning Circle

Morning circle is a very  important time for us to share information and to gather together as a community. Plan on attending morning circle promptly at 8:45 so that morning classes aren’t affected and any questions you have can be answered.

Children’s Programs

Awesome classes and events for children will be scheduled along with adult classes.  The carefully selected instructors have decades of experience in team-building, primitive skills and youth activities.

Trade Blanket IMG_0269

Also get psyched for the trade blanket.  Bring your handmade or natural crafts and products for a great time at the trade blanket.  For more info on the trade blanket.

Community Trading Post

A “store” will be set up with hand-made items such as knives, herbs, clothing, brain tanned buckskin, leather, crafts, instruments, primitive and modern tools, books etc. Credit cards, personal checks, cash are accepted.


This venue is also a working farm with free-range poultry and Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog.  As such, pets will be allowed on a case by case basis.   Each pet MUST be discussed with us before you arrive.  We reserve the right to ask any pet to leave the event. Active service dogs are always welcome (on leash only) and special needs animals will be allowed admission ONLY in advance and on a case by case basis.  We recommend this kennel if you need to board your pets nearby.