This year, in addition to the 5 regular sessions: Friday Morning, Friday Afternoon, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, and Sunday Morning, we will feature intensive one-day classes on Thursday!  These are designed to let you focus on one of three primitive skills, fiber, fire, and flint-knapping.  Some classes will last for one session, some will last all five.  Final class lists and sign-ups will be available by the evening before the class.

Kids Programs:

Each morning and afternoon session, kids will have the option to join veteran educators for earthskills and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Please note that this is a sample schedule from last year.

Thursday Intensive Classes:

Sculptural Felting with Lauren Jacobs

Bow Drill and Hand drill Fire with Sara and Umbra

Fiber! with Jeff Gottlieb

Making Stone Tools with Matt Weatherholtz

Primitive Pottery with Keith Grenoble

Flint Knives with Jeff Moore

Fire as a tool (Spoons) with Fuz



Friday Morning:

Flint and steel Kit – Bob Orcutt

Making a Primitive bow – Jason Beever

Forest Movement – Elet Hall

Tommahawk Throwing – Sam Moore

Primitive Pottery –  Keith Grenoble

Gourd Craft – Cindy Seuter

Stone Celts – Matt Weatherholtz

Natural Dyes – Ryan Rice

Spoon carving – Baron Brown

Bee Keeping – Gray Fox Farm


Friday Afternoon:

Primitive Pottery –  Keith Grenoble

Wild Edible Plant Walk – Kristen Dorsey

40 Minute Forks – Fuz Sanderson

Pump Drill – Jeff Gottlieb

Stone Celts – Matt Weatherholtz

Tracking and Trapping – Umbra

Homebrewing – Mike and steve

Clothing construction – Lauren Jacobs


Saturday Morning:

Primitive Pottery –  Keith Grenoble

Blacksmithing a small neck knife – Bob orcutt

Bowl Carving (all day)  – Baron Brown

Continued Making the Primitive bow –  Jason Beever

Useful Plant ID and Harvest – Kristen Dorsey

Deer and Rabbit processing – Tanner

flint knapping – Jeff gottlieb

Entomophagy – Dave Gracer

Gourd Bowls – Cindy


Saturday Afternoon:

Primitive Pottery –  Keith Grenoble

Blacksmithing a small knife – Bob Orcutt

Herbal Tinctures – Kristen dorsey

Hand Drumming – Fuz sanderson

Eco-prints – ryan rice

Entomophagy – Dave Gracer

Nature drawing – Lauren jacobs

Hide tanning

Homebrewing – Mike and steve


Sunday Morning:

Primitive Pottery –  Keith Grenoble

Blacksmithing Finishing projects – bob orcutt

Herbal Infusions – Kristin Dorsey

Bird ID and Ecology – Fuz

Woods awareness – Jeff Gottlieb

Nature Drawing – Lauren Jacobs

spoon and bowl finishing – Baron Brown